Send and Receive Text Messages Online allows you to use your computer, laptop, and tablet to send and receive sms text messages to cell phones around the world.

How works

Sehwah's Two-Way Messaging Platform allows you to send a text message from your computer, laptop, and tablet to cell phones around the world.

How it works:
  1. You send a text message using
  2. The recipient receives your text message on their phone and is able to reply to it.
  3. You receive their reply message in your Inbox
Have a running text message conversation all from your online Sehwah account!

Features was built with usability in mind. It was built to enable you to easily send and receive text messages online. provides advanced tools to cater to all your SMS text message needs. The platform allows you to do more than just send and receive text messages, it allows you manage your contacts, manage groups, schedule text messages to be sent at any desired date and time, plus much more.

  • Two-Way Messaging
  • Message Management
  • Schedule Messages
  • Contact Management
  • Group Management
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Pricing - Pay As You Go

Simply pay per message. There's no contract or fixed fees. Cancel your account anytime.

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Worldwide Coverage

United States? Europe? Asia? Africa? South America? Caribbean? It does not matter where you want to send your SMS text message. We can deliver it!

With over 1,000 carriers in 196 countries, has one of the largest carrier coverage in the world. No matter where in world you want to send your sms text, is able to deliver it!

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